Gaming and Betting Council

Crafts Council of India

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Who We Are

We are the council that takes people in the right direction regarding gambling and mainstream sports betting.

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Aims of Betting and Gaming Council

Promoting Responsible Play

Great games are accompanied by great responsibility, and people often tend to forget their responsibilities. Hence, we’re here to remind the players of responsible gambling and preach them the same.

Combatting Money Laundering

We provide solutions and methods to combat the process of money Laundering. We also offer guidelines to detect this malicious activity sooner than later.

Improving the Labelling of Games

Labelling of games helps in accurate game search for the audience. Whether you’re on the receiving end or the seeking end, we’ll deliver you the essential knowledge.

Up to Date with Changes
in Technology

This is not only one of our features, but also one of our services and hobby. Keeping our systems and the customers up to date with technological advancement is what we thrive for.

To Identify Best Practices In Game Design

There is a sea of knowledge to be imparted in the realm of game designing, and we’re the platform that will help you deliver this knowledge, rightly.

Safer Gambling Commitments

Gambling commitments are always an intimidating procedure, and we’re here to provide you tips and make the entire process easier.

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Latest Updates

A Brief Introduction to Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)

Betting and Gaming Council

All of us are aware of betting, and all of us are aware of gaming. We’re also mindful of the stringent laws that govern both the industries, but who makes and controls these laws and regulations? An authority called the BGC – Betting and Gaming Council does it. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to this council briefly.


The Betting and the Gaming Council is an individual industry that is associated with all the entertainment and fun generated from the betting and the gaming industries. It is responsible for curating the laws, regulations and other vital aspects for casino gambling, gaming and other businesses.

The essential members from the council originate from the betting and the gambling industry in the UK. Even though the council covers all the preliminary information in law makings of the entertainment industry in the gaming genre, it somehow excludes lotteries from their businesses. The council is known for providing employment to over 70,000 people and also contributing to the revenue of 14 billion pounds to the UK economy.

The council aims at promoting the best environment that is safer and more secure for the people to game, gamble and experience the fun. It is also imperative for the members to enjoy the gaming experience without falling prey to malicious activity and falling into the pit of compulsive gambling and gaming addiction.

Love of gambling and gaming

Facts about the Industry

  • One of the primary inspirations for the establishment of the council is the love of gambling and gaming in the people of the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Some of the studies conducted on this figure also state that nearly 46% of the population gamble at least once per month in the UK. A vast majority of them even do this activity safely.
  • The council now called an industry, employs thousands of people to control and regulate the gaming and the betting activities of which – 50,000 are assigned for betting, and 13,000 for taking care of the casino business and the remaining 10,000 are directly appointed in the online field to control all the malicious activities.
  • The money generated from this council produces a gross value of 8.7 billion to the UK economy and also 3.2 billion to the HM Treasury.
  • The industry also comprises of men and women who are dedicated in the field with retail betting comprising of 56% of women population and 24% of the aged population. In other industries like betting and casinos, nearly 40% of them are old and experienced in the field.
  • All these members of the committee are elected from the Executive committee regularly. They are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held Every other year.

BGC’s Acts Towards Responsible Gambling

BGC’s Acts Towards Responsible Gambling

Gambling is all fun and games until it gets to the point where a fellow gambler cannot control their behaviour towards the impacts of the act. This is called compulsive gambling, or in layman terms – gambling addiction. This addition to either online or offline gambling is taking a severe toll on the gamblers’ health, and the only way to curb the spread of the condition is to spread awareness about responsible gambling.

Any commercial activity, when introduced to the world, is associated with a negative consequence to the consumers. This is when the question of responsibility and security arises among the people and the councils and commissions that redesigned to curb the negative impacts of the same. But the question often arises – who’s responsibility is to control the activities and bring people on the same path of gambling, gaming and betting?

Gambling BGC’s

A UK based organization called the Betting and Gaming Council was formed to take notice of these negative impacts of the “entertainment” world, into peoples’ lives. They emphasized the social effects and the harm caused by the activity to the people from gambling too much and way too often. Hence, the council decided to take some preventive steps and measures to overcome this gambling addiction and behaviour, by seeding the idea of responsible gambling forwards, in the minds of the players.

Principles of Responsible gambling

According to the council, the idea of responsible gambling can only be encouraged to the people by following the below-mentioned principles:

  • Affordability: This means the gambler or the player ought to afford the gambling time and limits. He/she should be accessible to the money, time and resources of gambling.
  • Balance: Balance is the crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy social life, with the right amount of balance in the entertainment field as well.
  • Informed choices: Exercising the informed options for gambling also plays an equal role in choosing to gamble over other activities. This also means understanding the associated risks and risk factors regarding gambling, and many more, which also includes the likelihood of winning.
  • Self-control: Self-control is the key to resisting gambling addiction or practising responsible gaming. Self-regulating one’s own winnings and losses promote the idea of responsible gambling behaviour.
  • Enjoyment: Gambling is merely an activity or entertainment, and it should solely be dedicated the least amount of time- only for fun, joy, pleasure and enjoyment. This also means that it should not become the primary source of income.

Although the BGC

What next?

Although the BGC has brought about significant changes in following the principles of responsible gambling, it is a crucial step taken towards betterment of not only the gambling community but also the ones in the gaming and the betting realm as well. Since all are based on the ground addiction, these principles employ to the betting and the gaming zones as well.


BGC: What is it, and what are their Roles?


BGC stands for the Betting and Gaming Councils, and it laughed its three different bodies in 2019, July. The three bodies are:

  • Remote gambling association
  • Association of the British Bookmakers
  • National Casino forum

After the introduction of the BGC to the gaming and the betting world, some of the most obvious questions that were thrown were regarding the tools of the council. The RGA and ABB were also organizations that had similar goals and achievements in the gambling and the gaming field. People also wondered if they were pointless with the introduction of BGC.

Remote Gambling Association

RGA stands for Remote Gambling Association, and ABB stands for Association of British Bookmakers. Both the bodies were merged in 2005, to form rules and regulations regarding the gaming, gaming and the betting games and world.

When researches were conducted on the operation of the amalgam of these two agencies, it was clear that both the agencies were representing two sides of the same coin on fighting for the same purpose. However, over the years, it was clear that the ABB was losing its power and traction, while the RGA was gaining popularity, which also meant that the duo was not sustainable. As a result of this, the voice had to be unified and should be amalgamated into one, so that it would be louder and more precise. For this purpose, the Betting and the Gaming Council was established.

The missions of the BGC

Today, after this establishment in 2015, the BGC is worth 14 million pounds to the British Economy and over 100,000 people employed under the government and non –governmental agencies with the various complexes that exist in it. The council had to champion of the industry stand seats to enjoy a fair, entertaining and enjoyable betting, gambling and gambling experience.

The missions of the BGC

One of the primary aims of the council, after its formation for months include the knowledge to tackle the issues produced by the problems reading gambling and gambling in the industry. The council also formulates a unique approach to enhance the trust of the public and the players inside the group. The standards of the games have also increased over the year, which is one of the most significant changes made in the industry.

The council also aims at creating a stringent code of conduct for the gambling games and also the recent games made in the industry. The companies that are joining the council or the associations will also have to sign the code of conduct to comply for the safety of their policies and also ensure formulating rules of game creation online.

In addition to this, the BGC also plays a crucial role in ensuring that no rules and regulations of the council are also broken. They’re followed strictly by the players on any of the gaming or the gambling platform that falls under their supervision.


Game Design Code of Conduct Released by BGC

Game Design

The Betting and Gaming Council is the one that is responsible for curating all the safer betting, gambling and gaming strategies in the UK and surrounding countries. The council aims at promoting and continually specifying the gaming acts and spreading awareness of safer and secure gambling and gaming regulations.

In the recent years, the BGC has released a Game Design Code of Conduct, which was integrated to reduce the problems caused due to compulsive gambling and also emphasized on improving the safety of the player on the platforms.

The Code of conduct aims at providing several principles, commitments. Also, it forces its members to follow all the gaming commission and the problems to implement a safer and secure platform for the players to make an informed choice about the effects and ill-effects of gambling.

Phase 1 of the Code of conduct

Phase 1 of the Code of conduct

The first phase of the Code of conduct comprised of the following things that the members of the industry or the council were compelled to make by the end of September 30th, 2020. This included the following changes:

  • Removing turbo playing from most of the games, in addition to their equivalent features
  • Ensuring a game cycle speed of at least 2.5 seconds
  • Removing or completely eliminating the base game slam stops, also including the equivalent features
  • Removal of the multi-slot game, which also consists of a single client in the game

Phase 2 of the Code of conduct

After the completion of phase one by the end of September 2020, phase two of the conduct is expected to finish by the end of January 31st, 2021. It includes specific significant changes in the game characteristics – which provides for differentiation between the stake and the greater than stake feature. The new requirements have also forced the members to permit the use of dynamic win animation in the celebratory sound effects only for the permitted wins and even for the equal of the more significant stakes. In addition to these, the bonus and the baseball game will not be triggered in any of the game genres, without customer acknowledgement.

The members of the council have also promised the long-term improvement of the access to all the gambling information and also increase the awareness among the players. The Code of conduct also highlights many prominent vital positions which will remain mandatory for the placement and the acknowledgement of 60 minutes. Hence, instead of the players playing continuously, now if will be interrupted by a small break of seconds, to bring back their attention to the real world.

The BGC, along with various other testing labs and platforms, have also included various projects like:

  • Consistent approaches to the slot games and the enhanced information to the player
  • Understanding all the correlations between the increased betting sessions and problem gambling.
  • Access the auto-play options
  • Provide quick access to the players


How the Betting and Gaming Council is Uniting the Industry

Betting and Gaming

The process of uniting an industry that is worth around £14 billion is not easy. And yet, some organizations are finding ways to make it all happen. So today, we decided to take a look at one such organization and understand how exactly it is bringing the entire industry together. The organization that we are talking about is the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), and thus, the industry is the gambling industry. So go ahead and read the following points to discover the path of unification.

Responsible Gambling

The aspect of problem gambling has been flooding the gambling industry for a long time, and everyone is trying to find a solution for it. Since the industry is up against this problem, taking it up with a serious cause to find a solution is going to bring them all under one roof. As a result, the BGC is constantly looking into the issue and bringing about the importance of responsible gambling to tackle the problem. In fact, the BGC celebrated Safer Gambling Week 2020 from the 19th to the 25th of November.

Responsible Gambling

The move, which was received well, brought forward a new definition and gave the fight against problem gambling a much-needed relief. With the slogan, “Let’s talk about safer gambling,” the BGC went ahead to strike the right chord and unite the industry for one cause.

The Code of Conduct

BGC’s Code of Conduct is a unique set of rules that is here to support the industry and help gamblers have a great time while gambling to the tunes of their favourite games. As the code adheres to their interest, you can expect everyone to have a good time while placing bets on games of their choice. Moreover, the code is also aimed to create a safer experience and once again deal with the issue of problem gambling. While the code is open for further amendment, it is getting things done for gamblers.

With members of the BGC determined to follow the code and abide by the rules, the future of gambling looks safe, and unity seems to be the central point of attraction.

The Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group

The Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group

Apart from providing support to gamblers, the BGC is also putting forward the Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group (GAMLG) with the right kind of guidelines to identify related issues and eliminate the same from the picture. Be it land-based or online gambling; betting operators will receive guidance and move ahead to deal with this problem. Thanks to that, misuse of power does not come into question, and the organization is doing all that it can to take the industry forward. Hence, unity is a visible picture, and here for everyone to see.

The Best Practices Undertaken by the BGC for Responsible Game Design

Gambling safety

Gambling safety is an important topic of discussion that requires the right set of analyses to get things started. As a part of the BGC’s responsibilities, it is another one that gets all the required methods into place. Since responsible game design is also a part of the process, the BGC has a set of practices that are catered to take on such challenges and bring about a change for the better. So to give you a better idea of all that is going on, here are some of the best practices in this regard.

1. Research and Evidence-Based Approach

A significant part about these practices is that it follows research and evidence-based approach to understand the current state of affairs and deal with problems instantly. As a result, if there is evidence to support a claim that a feature is causing harm or risk to a player, then the right kind of action will be taken, and a pepper solution will come into effect. So research and evidence-based approach is bound to help the industry.


2. Transparency

We are quite aware of the need for transparency and how it essentially guides the wave of change. So to make things interesting in this regard, the BGC will always be transparent in reports that come from the Innovation and Testing Lab. While this may seem like a small part of the mix, it ideally brings forward benefits and other related aspects of the process. Since transparency welcomes changes, one can understand what to expect from the same.

3. Reviews

Reviews are meant to guide a particular code in the right direction, and that can be described as the same scenario with the BGC. As an organization dedicated to the gambling industry, the BGC will have a committee that is solely focused on Industry Sustainable Product & Game Design. The committee, filled with experts, will review the code and ensure that it is all going according to the right plan.

Gaming Rules

4. Accessibility

The practices aim to bring about the right form of accessibility, and that involves gamblers. According to their practices, gaming rules and operations, strategies, and other related aspects must be clearly mentioned, and customers need to receive them all. In this manner, the organization ensures to safeguard gamblers’ interests and help them move ahead with ease and confidence. So, the factor of accessibility takes complete control of gambling.


From research to accessibility, there is a lot to understand about these practices. As far as the outcome is concerned, one can be happy about it because an organization like BGC will always work for the benefit of the average gambler.

The Importance of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)

As a gambler, you might have heard about the Betting and Gaming Council as it is an organization with a lot of responsibility and duties. The different services and operations that it provides tend to take forward the industry and bring about a change for the better. So is that the reason they are important? Well, not really. The BGC has a lot riding under its belt, and to understand its importance, you need to go ahead and read the following.

1. The Combination of Two Bodies

The RGA, Remote Gambling Association, and the ABB, Association of Remote Gambling Operators were the two bodies that once controlled different operations now owned by the BGC. As the RGA and ABB’s responsibilities were different, the organizations went ahead to focus on their objectives and get work done for the gambling industry. But as one organization grew stronger than the other, the idea of unification did not pan well, and another organization had to come into the picture. Hence, the BGC was created, and its responsibilities lie with the gambling industry.

Dealing with Different Problems and Causes

2. Dealing with Different Problems and Causes

An industry worth £14 billion is bound to come across problems and various other issues. As a result, dealing with these issues needs to be a top priority, which is exactly why the BGC has taken charge of things. One of the most critical problems in this regard is problem gambling, and every casino is trying to work things out for the same. But with the BGC entering the mix, the problem can be tackled, and there are other firms rallying behind it, offering help and support.

Yes, that’s right. As soon as this initiative was launched, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission joined in with a nationwide approach to combat problem gambling. By working closely with Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust, that approach seems to be paying off, and today, we are in a better position than before.

3. Protecting the Interests of the Gambler

An organization such as BGC is the sole voice of the gambling industry, and it moves forward with the aim to protect the interest of the gambler. Ensuring a fair experience for all and helping them make the most of the deal will be ideal for getting things done and completing the entire task with ease. Be it problem gambling or other related issues, the organization is aimed to solve such issues and help one experience the true meaning of gambling.



With the combined responsibility of two bodies, the valuable effort to tackle problem gambling, and the sole aim to protect gamblers’ interests, the BGC is a vital organization that is here for good.

The Steps Undertaken for Safer Gambling by the BGC

Safer Gambling

It is no brainer that considering all responsibilities and the goals of the Betting and Gaming Council, all members of the BGC support and stand for Safer gambling habits. Safer gambling habits stand for the cross-initiative to promote and the habits and techniques that are safer for gambling in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The BGC spreads awareness about the safer gambling week in during November from 19th to 25th every year. In addition to spreading awareness about responsible gambling and safer gambling habits, the BGC also conduct campaigns which creates conversations with the customers about the responsibility of gambling and its harmful effects on the public as well as individual health. The movement creates awareness about the following:

  • Responsible gambling
  • Tools available for the fellow gamblers to practice safer gambling habits
  • Sources available for support and advice

Safer Gambling by the BGC

The campaign for following the safer gambling event is one of the most successful ones which is also tracked and supported by the Irish gambling industry, the bingo industry, amusement arcades, online casinos, bookmakers, bingo clubs and many more.

The actions under the commitments

The safer gambling actions were undertaken by the BGC and were supported by various groups of the UK and communities of Ireland. Some of the activities undertaken by these communities are:

  • Prevention of underage gambling and gaming activities. This also includes the vast sea of sports betting and betting on other games and events. Underage gambling in relevant in many of the countries and it is the need of the hour to take necessary measures and steps to prevent the same. Some of the measures undertaken to avoid underage gambling include:
  1. Providing funds of nearly 10 million pounds for the country’s educational programs to help children and young adults continue their studies.
  2. Work with the financial services to block underage gambling below 18years.
  3. Work with the advertising industries to prevent the children below 218 years of gambling sites and casinos.
  4. It provides an enhanced support for all the treatments that are caused by harm due to gambling.
  5. Upscaling the treatment provided for the gambling addicts and relevant services across the UK in many of the recognized treatment centres and individual treatment providers.


  • Strengthen and expand all the advertising and the practice of marketing into developing higher standards of code of conduct during gambling or gaming, either online or in land-based casinos.
  • Protecting and also empowering the customers for gambling and gaming in either online or offline platforms, with utmost care and responsibility. This also includes communicating with eh gambling regulations team to induce new security and customer engagement systems on online mediums, making it easier for the players to gamble in space.
  • Practice and preach the culture of safer gambling techniques, whilst creating a positive culture for the industry and also businesses.

Understanding the BGC’s Code of Conduct

BGC’s Code of Conduct

The BGC or the Betting and Gaming Council’s Code of Conduct was a widely discussed set of standards that brought about a change in the industry. With the aim to create a safer gambling experience, the Code of Conduct stands to display a new set of affairs that need to be understood. So as the average gambler, you need to go ahead and read more about the Code of Conduct and understand all that it stands to offer.

Safer Gambling Practices

With one look at the Code of Conduct, you can clearly understand the aim of the project. So without a doubt, it is to provide a safer experience for gamblers that involves better practices and moves. Established to protect a strong standard for membership, the standard talks about the BGC’s motive to support and carry forward a safe gambling environment for all.

Since the factor of time plays a huge role in gambling, the Code is also equipped to change with time and adopt moves that matter the most. The evaluation process is continuously updated, and everything seems to be heading in the right direction.

The Responsibility of Members

In simple words, the members of BGC will have to follow the Code and go by the rules mentioned in it. This is a critical part of the program, and one will have to ensure that it all goes according to the plan. In order to bring it into paper, members will have to make an annual declaration to commit their business and go by the Code. Since the Code is sure to make a difference, one can easily get it going and move ahead to implement the same.

In case members are found to either break the Code or go against it, their membership will be suspended or withdrawn from the BGC. Due to that, it is essential to follow it and take things forward with ease.



Apart from following the Code, members will also be faced with other commitments that are all driven to the aspect of protecting people’s interests. One of these commitments involves funding and lending support to the “National Strategy To Reduce Gambling Harms.” As the name suggests, it is an initiative that is focused on reducing problems and helping people meet the right kind of solution. Due to all that, these commitments need to be valued, and one should understand the need for the same.


By now, you would have received a proper picture of the Code of Conduct and how essentially it operates. As it all sums up to help the average gambler, you can be glad about it and move ahead to continue playing the games of your choice.



What You Should Know About the Betting And Gaming Council (BGC)

Betting And Gaming Games

Launched in July of 2019, the Betting And Gaming Council (BGC) came into the scene to replace three different bodies. As a result, the responsibilities for the organization were quite big, and moving ahead to take care of matters had to be done in an effortless manner. But do their operations affect the average gambler, and should you know more about this organization? Well, since both these questions have a clear yes, you need to go ahead and read more about the BGC.

The Mission

The British are not new to gambling as the British gambling industry is worth more than £14 billion to the economy. Thanks to that, an organization such as BGC has a lot to take care of. With the mission of championing industry standards and ensuring a smooth experience of gambling for players, the organization moves ahead to take it all forward. As their involvement is here to change things for the better, customers can enjoy a safe and fair experience worth every gambler’s time.

One among their most discussed topics and issues is problem gambling and the manner in which they can approach the same. To deal with this issue, the organization aims to create a code of conduct, and all companies joining the association will have to sign up for the same.

The Need

The Need

At first, you might think that an organization of this nature is not required for the gambling scene. But before you think that, you need to understand that the BGC is here to replace the Remote Gambling Association, the National Casino Forum, and the Association of British Bookmakers. The RGA or Remote Gambling Association came into force on August 1st, 2005, when other such organizations decided to join together. With a trade association being a part of the deal, they offered online services to Europe and managed to become the sole voice for gambling.

On the other hand, the Association of British Bookmakers performed similar functions, with the only difference being the fact that it acted on behalf of land-based bookmakers. Yes, that’s right. It was meat for physical bookmakers, and around 85% of land-based bookies were represented by the organization. But with the online market coming in with full force, the RGA was getting all the power, and the ABB was getting none of it.

So the idea of a unified voice no longer existed, which led the way to another organization that could bring them all under one roof.


From the above-mentioned points, it is pretty clear that BGC has a huge role to fill, and doing so would bring about a change to the gambling industry. Hence, that was a brief take on the BGC.