Betting and Gaming Council

A Brief Introduction to Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)

All of us are aware of betting, and all of us are aware of gaming. We’re also mindful of the stringent laws that govern both the industries, but who makes and controls these laws and regulations? An authority called the BGC – Betting and Gaming Council does it. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to this council briefly.


The Betting and the Gaming Council is an individual industry that is associated with all the entertainment and fun generated from the betting and the gaming industries. It is responsible for curating the laws, regulations and other vital aspects for casino gambling, gaming and other businesses.

The essential members from the council originate from the betting and the gambling industry in the UK. Even though the council covers all the preliminary information in law makings of the entertainment industry in the gaming genre, it somehow excludes lotteries from their businesses. The council is known for providing employment to over 70,000 people and also contributing to the revenue of 14 billion pounds to the UK economy.

The council aims at promoting the best environment that is safer and more secure for the people to game, gamble and experience the fun. It is also imperative for the members to enjoy the gaming experience without falling prey to malicious activity and falling into the pit of compulsive gambling and gaming addiction.

Love of gambling and gaming

Facts about the Industry

  • One of the primary inspirations for the establishment of the council is the love of gambling and gaming in the people of the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Some of the studies conducted on this figure also state that nearly 46% of the population gamble at least once per month in the UK. A vast majority of them even do this activity safely.
  • The council now called an industry, employs thousands of people to control and regulate the gaming and the betting activities of which – 50,000 are assigned for betting, and 13,000 for taking care of the casino business and the remaining 10,000 are directly appointed in the online field to control all the malicious activities.
  • The money generated from this council produces a gross value of 8.7 billion to the UK economy and also 3.2 billion to the HM Treasury.
  • The industry also comprises of men and women who are dedicated in the field with retail betting comprising of 56% of women population and 24% of the aged population. In other industries like betting and casinos, nearly 40% of them are old and experienced in the field.
  • All these members of the committee are elected from the Executive committee regularly. They are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held Every other year.

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