BGC’s Acts Towards Responsible Gambling

BGC’s Acts Towards Responsible Gambling

Gambling is all fun and games until it gets to the point where a fellow gambler cannot control their behaviour towards the impacts of the act. This is called compulsive gambling, or in layman terms – gambling addiction. This addition to either online or offline gambling is taking a severe toll on the gamblers’ health, and the only way to curb the spread of the condition is to spread awareness about responsible gambling.

Any commercial activity, when introduced to the world, is associated with a negative consequence to the consumers. This is when the question of responsibility and security arises among the people and the councils and commissions that redesigned to curb the negative impacts of the same. But the question often arises – who’s responsibility is to control the activities and bring people on the same path of gambling, gaming and betting?

Gambling BGC’s

A UK based organization called the Betting and Gaming Council was formed to take notice of these negative impacts of the “entertainment” world, into peoples’ lives. They emphasized the social effects and the harm caused by the activity to the people from gambling too much and way too often. Hence, the council decided to take some preventive steps and measures to overcome this gambling addiction and behaviour, by seeding the idea of responsible gambling forwards, in the minds of the players.

Principles of Responsible gambling

According to the council, the idea of responsible gambling can only be encouraged to the people by following the below-mentioned principles:

  • Affordability: This means the gambler or the player ought to afford the gambling time and limits. He/she should be accessible to the money, time and resources of gambling.
  • Balance: Balance is the crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy social life, with the right amount of balance in the entertainment field as well.
  • Informed choices: Exercising the informed options for gambling also plays an equal role in choosing to gamble over other activities. This also means understanding the associated risks and risk factors regarding gambling, and many more, which also includes the likelihood of winning.
  • Self-control: Self-control is the key to resisting gambling addiction or practising responsible gaming. Self-regulating one’s own winnings and losses promote the idea of responsible gambling behaviour.
  • Enjoyment: Gambling is merely an activity or entertainment, and it should solely be dedicated the least amount of time- only for fun, joy, pleasure and enjoyment. This also means that it should not become the primary source of income.

Although the BGC

What next?

Although the BGC has brought about significant changes in following the principles of responsible gambling, it is a crucial step taken towards betterment of not only the gambling community but also the ones in the gaming and the betting realm as well. Since all are based on the ground addiction, these principles employ to the betting and the gaming zones as well.


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