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Game Design Code of Conduct Released by BGC

The Betting and Gaming Council is the one that is responsible for curating all the safer betting, gambling and gaming strategies in the UK and surrounding countries. The council aims at promoting and continually specifying the gaming acts and spreading awareness of safer and secure gambling and gaming regulations.

In the recent years, the BGC has released a Game Design Code of Conduct, which was integrated to reduce the problems caused due to compulsive gambling and also emphasized on improving the safety of the player on the platforms.

The Code of conduct aims at providing several principles, commitments. Also, it forces its members to follow all the gaming commission and the problems to implement a safer and secure platform for the players to make an informed choice about the effects and ill-effects of gambling.

Phase 1 of the Code of conduct

Phase 1 of the Code of conduct

The first phase of the Code of conduct comprised of the following things that the members of the industry or the council were compelled to make by the end of September 30th, 2020. This included the following changes:

  • Removing turbo playing from most of the games, in addition to their equivalent features
  • Ensuring a game cycle speed of at least 2.5 seconds
  • Removing or completely eliminating the base game slam stops, also including the equivalent features
  • Removal of the multi-slot game, which also consists of a single client in the game

Phase 2 of the Code of conduct

After the completion of phase one by the end of September 2020, phase two of the conduct is expected to finish by the end of January 31st, 2021. It includes specific significant changes in the game characteristics – which provides for differentiation between the stake and the greater than stake feature. The new requirements have also forced the members to permit the use of dynamic win animation in the celebratory sound effects only for the permitted wins and even for the equal of the more significant stakes. In addition to these, the bonus and the baseball game will not be triggered in any of the game genres, without customer acknowledgement.

The members of the council have also promised the long-term improvement of the access to all the gambling information and also increase the awareness among the players. The Code of conduct also highlights many prominent vital positions which will remain mandatory for the placement and the acknowledgement of 60 minutes. Hence, instead of the players playing continuously, now if will be interrupted by a small break of seconds, to bring back their attention to the real world.

The BGC, along with various other testing labs and platforms, have also included various projects like:

  • Consistent approaches to the slot games and the enhanced information to the player
  • Understanding all the correlations between the increased betting sessions and problem gambling.
  • Access the auto-play options
  • Provide quick access to the players


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