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How the Betting and Gaming Council is Uniting the Industry

The process of uniting an industry that is worth around £14 billion is not easy. And yet, some organizations are finding ways to make it all happen. So today, we decided to take a look at one such organization and understand how exactly it is bringing the entire industry together. The organization that we are talking about is the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), and thus, the industry is the gambling industry. So go ahead and read the following points to discover the path of unification.

Responsible Gambling

The aspect of problem gambling has been flooding the gambling industry for a long time, and everyone is trying to find a solution for it. Since the industry is up against this problem, taking it up with a serious cause to find a solution is going to bring them all under one roof. As a result, the BGC is constantly looking into the issue and bringing about the importance of responsible gambling to tackle the problem. In fact, the BGC celebrated Safer Gambling Week 2020 from the 19th to the 25th of November.

Responsible Gambling

The move, which was received well, brought forward a new definition and gave the fight against problem gambling a much-needed relief. With the slogan, “Let’s talk about safer gambling,” the BGC went ahead to strike the right chord and unite the industry for one cause.

The Code of Conduct

BGC’s Code of Conduct is a unique set of rules that is here to support the industry and help gamblers have a great time while gambling to the tunes of their favourite games. As the code adheres to their interest, you can expect everyone to have a good time while placing bets on games of their choice. Moreover, the code is also aimed to create a safer experience and once again deal with the issue of problem gambling. While the code is open for further amendment, it is getting things done for gamblers.

With members of the BGC determined to follow the code and abide by the rules, the future of gambling looks safe, and unity seems to be the central point of attraction.

The Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group

The Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group

Apart from providing support to gamblers, the BGC is also putting forward the Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group (GAMLG) with the right kind of guidelines to identify related issues and eliminate the same from the picture. Be it land-based or online gambling; betting operators will receive guidance and move ahead to deal with this problem. Thanks to that, misuse of power does not come into question, and the organization is doing all that it can to take the industry forward. Hence, unity is a visible picture, and here for everyone to see.

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