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The Best Practices Undertaken by the BGC for Responsible Game Design

Gambling safety is an important topic of discussion that requires the right set of analyses to get things started. As a part of the BGC’s responsibilities, it is another one that gets all the required methods into place. Since responsible game design is also a part of the process, the BGC has a set of practices that are catered to take on such challenges and bring about a change for the better. So to give you a better idea of all that is going on, here are some of the best practices in this regard.

1. Research and Evidence-Based Approach

A significant part about these practices is that it follows research and evidence-based approach to understand the current state of affairs and deal with problems instantly. As a result, if there is evidence to support a claim that a feature is causing harm or risk to a player, then the right kind of action will be taken, and a pepper solution will come into effect. So research and evidence-based approach is bound to help the industry.


2. Transparency

We are quite aware of the need for transparency and how it essentially guides the wave of change. So to make things interesting in this regard, the BGC will always be transparent in reports that come from the Innovation and Testing Lab. While this may seem like a small part of the mix, it ideally brings forward benefits and other related aspects of the process. Since transparency welcomes changes, one can understand what to expect from the same.

3. Reviews

Reviews are meant to guide a particular code in the right direction, and that can be described as the same scenario with the BGC. As an organization dedicated to the gambling industry, the BGC will have a committee that is solely focused on Industry Sustainable Product & Game Design. The committee, filled with experts, will review the code and ensure that it is all going according to the right plan.

Gaming Rules

4. Accessibility

The practices aim to bring about the right form of accessibility, and that involves gamblers. According to their practices, gaming rules and operations, strategies, and other related aspects must be clearly mentioned, and customers need to receive them all. In this manner, the organization ensures to safeguard gamblers’ interests and help them move ahead with ease and confidence. So, the factor of accessibility takes complete control of gambling.


From research to accessibility, there is a lot to understand about these practices. As far as the outcome is concerned, one can be happy about it because an organization like BGC will always work for the benefit of the average gambler.

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