The Importance of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)

As a gambler, you might have heard about the Betting and Gaming Council as it is an organization with a lot of responsibility and duties. The different services and operations that it provides tend to take forward the industry and bring about a change for the better. So is that the reason they are important? Well, not really. The BGC has a lot riding under its belt, and to understand its importance, you need to go ahead and read the following.

1. The Combination of Two Bodies

The RGA, Remote Gambling Association, and the ABB, Association of Remote Gambling Operators were the two bodies that once controlled different operations now owned by the BGC. As the RGA and ABB’s responsibilities were different, the organizations went ahead to focus on their objectives and get work done for the gambling industry. But as one organization grew stronger than the other, the idea of unification did not pan well, and another organization had to come into the picture. Hence, the BGC was created, and its responsibilities lie with the gambling industry.

Dealing with Different Problems and Causes

2. Dealing with Different Problems and Causes

An industry worth £14 billion is bound to come across problems and various other issues. As a result, dealing with these issues needs to be a top priority, which is exactly why the BGC has taken charge of things. One of the most critical problems in this regard is problem gambling, and every casino is trying to work things out for the same. But with the BGC entering the mix, the problem can be tackled, and there are other firms rallying behind it, offering help and support.

Yes, that’s right. As soon as this initiative was launched, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission joined in with a nationwide approach to combat problem gambling. By working closely with Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust, that approach seems to be paying off, and today, we are in a better position than before.

3. Protecting the Interests of the Gambler

An organization such as BGC is the sole voice of the gambling industry, and it moves forward with the aim to protect the interest of the gambler. Ensuring a fair experience for all and helping them make the most of the deal will be ideal for getting things done and completing the entire task with ease. Be it problem gambling or other related issues, the organization is aimed to solve such issues and help one experience the true meaning of gambling.



With the combined responsibility of two bodies, the valuable effort to tackle problem gambling, and the sole aim to protect gamblers’ interests, the BGC is a vital organization that is here for good.

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