Safer Gambling

The Steps Undertaken for Safer Gambling by the BGC

It is no brainer that considering all responsibilities and the goals of the Betting and Gaming Council, all members of the BGC support and stand for Safer gambling habits. Safer gambling habits stand for the cross-initiative to promote and the habits and techniques that are safer for gambling in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The BGC spreads awareness about the safer gambling week in during November from 19th to 25th every year. In addition to spreading awareness about responsible gambling and safer gambling habits, the BGC also conduct campaigns which creates conversations with the customers about the responsibility of gambling and its harmful effects on the public as well as individual health. The movement creates awareness about the following:

  • Responsible gambling
  • Tools available for the fellow gamblers to practice safer gambling habits
  • Sources available for support and advice

Safer Gambling by the BGC

The campaign for following the safer gambling event is one of the most successful ones which is also tracked and supported by the Irish gambling industry, the bingo industry, amusement arcades, online casinos, bookmakers, bingo clubs and many more.

The actions under the commitments

The safer gambling actions were undertaken by the BGC and were supported by various groups of the UK and communities of Ireland. Some of the activities undertaken by these communities are:

  • Prevention of underage gambling and gaming activities. This also includes the vast sea of sports betting and betting on other games and events. Underage gambling in relevant in many of the countries and it is the need of the hour to take necessary measures and steps to prevent the same. Some of the measures undertaken to avoid underage gambling include:
  1. Providing funds of nearly 10 million pounds for the country’s educational programs to help children and young adults continue their studies.
  2. Work with the financial services to block underage gambling below 18years.
  3. Work with the advertising industries to prevent the children below 218 years of gambling sites and casinos.
  4. It provides an enhanced support for all the treatments that are caused by harm due to gambling.
  5. Upscaling the treatment provided for the gambling addicts and relevant services across the UK in many of the recognized treatment centres and individual treatment providers.


  • Strengthen and expand all the advertising and the practice of marketing into developing higher standards of code of conduct during gambling or gaming, either online or in land-based casinos.
  • Protecting and also empowering the customers for gambling and gaming in either online or offline platforms, with utmost care and responsibility. This also includes communicating with eh gambling regulations team to induce new security and customer engagement systems on online mediums, making it easier for the players to gamble in space.
  • Practice and preach the culture of safer gambling techniques, whilst creating a positive culture for the industry and also businesses.

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