BGC’s Code of Conduct

Understanding the BGC’s Code of Conduct

The BGC or the Betting and Gaming Council’s Code of Conduct was a widely discussed set of standards that brought about a change in the industry. With the aim to create a safer gambling experience, the Code of Conduct stands to display a new set of affairs that need to be understood. So as the average gambler, you need to go ahead and read more about the Code of Conduct and understand all that it stands to offer.

Safer Gambling Practices

With one look at the Code of Conduct, you can clearly understand the aim of the project. So without a doubt, it is to provide a safer experience for gamblers that involves better practices and moves. Established to protect a strong standard for membership, the standard talks about the BGC’s motive to support and carry forward a safe gambling environment for all.

Since the factor of time plays a huge role in gambling, the Code is also equipped to change with time and adopt moves that matter the most. The evaluation process is continuously updated, and everything seems to be heading in the right direction.

The Responsibility of Members

In simple words, the members of BGC will have to follow the Code and go by the rules mentioned in it. This is a critical part of the program, and one will have to ensure that it all goes according to the plan. In order to bring it into paper, members will have to make an annual declaration to commit their business and go by the Code. Since the Code is sure to make a difference, one can easily get it going and move ahead to implement the same.

In case members are found to either break the Code or go against it, their membership will be suspended or withdrawn from the BGC. Due to that, it is essential to follow it and take things forward with ease.



Apart from following the Code, members will also be faced with other commitments that are all driven to the aspect of protecting people’s interests. One of these commitments involves funding and lending support to the “National Strategy To Reduce Gambling Harms.” As the name suggests, it is an initiative that is focused on reducing problems and helping people meet the right kind of solution. Due to all that, these commitments need to be valued, and one should understand the need for the same.


By now, you would have received a proper picture of the Code of Conduct and how essentially it operates. As it all sums up to help the average gambler, you can be glad about it and move ahead to continue playing the games of your choice.



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