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What You Should Know About the Betting And Gaming Council (BGC)

Launched in July of 2019, the Betting And Gaming Council (BGC) came into the scene to replace three different bodies. As a result, the responsibilities for the organization were quite big, and moving ahead to take care of matters had to be done in an effortless manner. But do their operations affect the average gambler, and should you know more about this organization? Well, since both these questions have a clear yes, you need to go ahead and read more about the BGC.

The Mission

The British are not new to gambling as the British gambling industry is worth more than £14 billion to the economy. Thanks to that, an organization such as BGC has a lot to take care of. With the mission of championing industry standards and ensuring a smooth experience of gambling for players, the organization moves ahead to take it all forward. As their involvement is here to change things for the better, customers can enjoy a safe and fair experience worth every gambler’s time.

One among their most discussed topics and issues is problem gambling and the manner in which they can approach the same. To deal with this issue, the organization aims to create a code of conduct, and all companies joining the association will have to sign up for the same.

The Need

The Need

At first, you might think that an organization of this nature is not required for the gambling scene. But before you think that, you need to understand that the BGC is here to replace the Remote Gambling Association, the National Casino Forum, and the Association of British Bookmakers. The RGA or Remote Gambling Association came into force on August 1st, 2005, when other such organizations decided to join together. With a trade association being a part of the deal, they offered online services to Europe and managed to become the sole voice for gambling.

On the other hand, the Association of British Bookmakers performed similar functions, with the only difference being the fact that it acted on behalf of land-based bookmakers. Yes, that’s right. It was meat for physical bookmakers, and around 85% of land-based bookies were represented by the organization. But with the online market coming in with full force, the RGA was getting all the power, and the ABB was getting none of it.

So the idea of a unified voice no longer existed, which led the way to another organization that could bring them all under one roof.


From the above-mentioned points, it is pretty clear that BGC has a huge role to fill, and doing so would bring about a change to the gambling industry. Hence, that was a brief take on the BGC.

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